Hostel Point Community Guidelines


By posting on our site you agree to all of the following Community Guidelines, our Terms of Service and our Privacy Policy, which are designed to create a welcoming, friendly and supportive atmosphere in our Community.  These documents are subject to change without notice, so please check back often.


Your Hostel Point Account


Hostel Point accounts are intended for your personal use, to contribute content that you have created yourself. At Hostel Point we want to connect travelers of all levels of experience, thus it is of the utmost importance that the content going into the community is accurate and helpful to all. Therefore, you and others will get the most out of your Hostel Point experience by providing accurate information about yourself and the destinations that you visit, and adhering to the guidelines below. Use of Hostel Point accounts for any other purpose may be considered an infringement of our Terms of Service.


1.     Use the Platform! We want to create the ultimate hostelling community platform, and that requires great content from travelers like you. Don’t be shy – please share with your friends and people you meet a long the way. The more you use it, the more value it will generate for everyone.

2.     Be kind and respectful.  Personal attacks or hate speech will not be tolerated. Hostel Point aims to connect travelers from all over the globe, so please be courteous and conscientious towards the various opinions, experiences, budgets, and preferences of other community members. Keep an open mind and have fun!

3.     Keep it relevant. Community members are looking for travel advice, tips, and ways to enjoy their destination. Members hope to trust the opinions of the community. Please do your best to share relevant, helpful, honest and accurate information, and avoid venting or ranting about unrelated stuff.

4.     Keep it clean.  Profane or obscene language or photos, or attempts to bypass our moderation filters may result in your post or account being removed.

5.     Do not solicit or sell. Use your common sense when posting. The forums on Hostel Point are meant to connect travelers that wish to engage in fun group activities and share local tips, not to sell or barter, or obtain personal items or services, especially illicit substances.

6.     No posts containing or encouraging spam, advertising, fraudulent/ illegal activity or personally identifiable information (email address, etc.).  

7.     Respect the hostel managers.  While we and our hostel partners appreciate legitimate feedback about the services and website, any post containing derogatory comments about Hostel Point or hostel staff which is considered a personal attack will not be tolerated.


Members who seriously, persistently or willfully ignore the Community Standards or Hostel Point Terms of Service will have their posting privileges on Hostel Point revoked. Our mission is to create and maintain a positive experience for our users, and we reserve the right to make decisions which we feel support that. Prior to any banning, when possible the participant will be warned and given a chance to adhere to our Community Guidelines.  However, depending on the circumstances and the severity of the offense, we reserve the right to ban a user without prior notification.


Our goal is to create and maintain a pleasant and welcoming environment for everyone.   To that end, we reserve the right to remove any post, thread or user whom we deem to be in violation of the Community Guidelines or of detriment to the spirit of our Community.


If you have any further questions about Hostel Point Community Guidelines, please refer to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, or contact us at


Thank you in advance for your cooperation in following our Community Guidelines – by doing so you help make the Hostel Point community a great place to be!


Republishing Your Words 

One of the best ways to encourage more participation in these discussions is by sharing your very best quotes with a wider audience. Therefore we may take various quotes and use them in emails, advertising, and promotional efforts. If we do so, we’ll only use your screen name and we promise to use great care in the quotes we choose. We will never use a quote from you that is embarrassing, endangering or inflammatory.